Fast Unlock Cars-Homes-Businesses. Do all types Home-Business Lock Work. Make 1969-96 Car Keys in Columbia & Mid-Missouri since 1978.

Like doctors and other professionals, locksmiths are sometimes generalists, sometimes specialists and sometimes a little of each. We’re a little of each. At Mike’s Mobile Locksmith in Columbia, you’ll get high-quality workmanship over a broad spectrum of locksmith services and solid advice given with heart. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sometimes you can do it yourself

We know that being locked out of your home can be stressful and that re-keying or replacing a lock can also be urgent. So we are always ready to quickly respond to your emergency need. But when it’s not an emergency, did you know there are often things you as a homeowner can do regarding lock work that doesn’t require a trained locksmith? We frequently counsel homeowners on how to save money by doing things on their own, or buy locks themselves and save money by having us come to install them. Choose us to handle your job, and relax knowing that Mike’s Mobile Locksmith is fully insured and we guarantee all our work.

Cars and trucks

Car need to be unlocked? We can safely unlock any year, make or model car or truck, including tractor trailer trucks, as well as make keys for most American and many foreign cars made between 1969-1996. Due to new transponder chip technology, if your car is 1997 or newer, we can’t make a key for you, but we can still quickly open it and show you how to get your money back for our service. And we can refer you to someone who can help with a transponder chip key! Whether you are our next door neighbor or a national company in search of a locksmith, call us at 573-356-3783.


Everything for your home, office, business, fraternal, farm or commercial need

Whether you’ve got just a few locks to change or the whole system to re-key, we’re the ones to call. With our decades of experience, you can be assured we’ll quickly and safely open, repair, re-key or replace most home to commercial mechanical combination and key door locks. We also handle almost any other large to small mechanical lock on things which require a standard type key from filing cabinets to furniture locks. Big to small, we do it all!



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If we’ve helped you, can you please help us? We’d like you to tell us about your experiences with us on Google, Yelp, or wherever else you choose to share your experiences with us. But we’d also like to ask a favor – if you ever have a complaint about anything, please contact us by phone or email and let us make it right. Since we’re all human, through our ignorance or incorrect perceptions, we can easily rub one another the wrong way now and then. We’re no exception. If we’ve offended you or didn’t fulfill your expectations, please let us know so we can apologize and make it right. You can reach us at 573-356-3783. We take the Golden Rule to heart and wish to honor God by treating you as we would like to be treated. So if we’ve pleased you, please help us by telling others online or offline. If we’ve disappointed you, please call and tell us so that we can do what it takes to make you happy.